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It’s a Shoe-In: Window Shop Wednesday

It’s that time again! Window Shop Wednesday with The Katie Chronicles. This week we are looking at Zappos.com!

I’ve have a confession. I have never bought anything that I would wear online – shoes, clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, anything! But Zappos is one of the biggest online retailer in existence – crazy!

Today I’m focusing on footware and sharing some of my favorite shoes.

Percy shoes by Ralph Lauren

I love these! Give me yellow! Give me casual sandals! Give me platforms! I must be stuck in the 70s. I love these shoes. I love platforms because you can wear them with anything! Skirts, capris, shorts, jeans, whatvah!

Angelfish by Sperry Topsiders

I love boat shoes. They are classic summer. I keep scouring the clearance aisle for a cute pair of these. I have yet to find one! But these shoes + the seeksucker = I love! Give me a pink lemonade and a lawn chair.

KJ Boot by Keen

Everyone should own a pair of boots like this! I have a similar pair and wear them 80% of the year (i.e. every month but June-August. Seriously.)¬† I like these because you need a nice flat boot with a big rubber sole! If not you will wear through those puppies quickly and then the melting snow will seep in and wet your socks. And there’s not a lot worse than wet socks.

Bon Voyage shoe from Sketchers

Okay, don’t laugh. I have a pair of these are they are awesome! I love wearing them instead of watershoes. I wore these on my honeymoon while climbing waterfalls. You probably won’t wear them all the time, but they are nice to have!

Original Hunter Rainboots

Everybody should own rainboots. I wear them all the time in the fall and spring. And, pair them with wool socks and you’ve got the perfect shoes for walking through melting snow/slush/mud.

What is your favorite pair of shoes?