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My Favorite Christmas Cut Out Cookies

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” – Buddy the Elf
One of my favorite things to do at Christmastime is baking. I love to hunker down in my kitchen with some festive tunes and make a big mess in the process.
Christmas Cutout Cookie Tips

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Window Shop Wednesday: Kiss Me! I’m the Chef!

It’s that time again! Window Shop Wednesdays with The Katie Chronicles.

Today we’re “shopping” at Williams Sonoma! My mouth is salivating already.

Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

Someday I will own one of these. Then I will pretend I’m Julia Child and make Boeuf Bourguignon. And it will be delicious.

Nordic Ware Rolled Omelette Pan

I was much more impressive as a child. I remember my Dad teaching me to make omelettes. I was pretty good. So good, in fact, I could flip the omelette over without breaking it.

I can’t do that anymore.

Until I get my skillz back, this omelette pan should do the trick. Then I can stop eating yogurt for breakfast.

All-Clad Stainless-Steel Asparagus Pot

One of my favorite meals in the world is roasted asparagus with eggs (once over easy) and feta.

I have always heard you should cook asparagus vertically like this. I usually just toss them in a pan in the oven with a little bit of water and olive oil.

I may need to look into this.

All-Clad Belgian Waffle Makers

This is one of those things I will always want but will never buy.

I’d like to think if I owned a Belgian Waffle maker that on Saturday mornings I’d pad down the stairs in a fluffy white robe and I’d make waffles dripping with maple syrup and freshly sliced strawberries lightly sprinkled in powdered sugar.

I’d eat them in a cozy little breakfast nook with Chintz curtains.

But… if you know me, you’ll know on Saturdays I get so wrapped up in having no routine that I usually forget to eat at all until it’s 3PM and I’m starving. Alas, no waffles for me. But it’s a nice dream.

What is your dream kitchen utensil? What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Test Kitchen: One Ingredient Ice Cream

I’ve read about “One Ingredient Ice Cream” on a few cooking blogs.

What is that you ask?

It’s basically frozen bananas smushed beyond recognition to form an ice creamy texture.

It sounded easy, inexpensive and healthy. Why not try it?

I peeked some bananas and put them in a tupperware.

…Where does the name tupperware come from?…

I mushed them with a fork before they frozen so they would smash more easily when they were frozen.

Yes, mush and smash are proper cooking terms.

I froze the bananas overnight.

Then I pulled out the frozen “banana slab” and chopped it up with a sharp knife.

Then I used my trusty Kitchen Aid.

Note: I would wait a few minutes and let the banana thaw. Otherwise your blender will make sounds like a toaster thrown inside a washing machine. That may or may not have happened.

At first I was skeptical.

But then the texture started looking more like ice cream.

Looks promising, right?

I decided to test it out on my husband. After all, he heard the “toaster in the washing machine” noise and was wondering what I was up to.

It does look like ice cream.

However… it was quite the letdown.

This was my reaction:


My husband was a little bit nicer.

He said the strawberry I made tasted very nice.

We ate about 3 bites and promptly threw it away.

You win some, you lose some!