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Inspiration Board for a Cottage Bathroom

I posted last week about the small modifications we’ve made to our bathroom over the last several years to help us get by until we were ready to totally renovate this room – and I couldn’t be happier that the time is finally here!


As you can see, I am feeling drawn to whites, grays, and blues – light, airy spaces! It feels nice and clean, which is always a good feeling in a bathroom.

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My Best Friend, Ina

I have lunch with my good friend Ina several times a week. You may have heard of her, Ina Garten. You know, the Barefoot Contessa?

She makes me lunch while I slave away on the elliptical. Sometimes I think I can actually smell what she’s cooking. Is it weird that I watch the Food Network at the gym? Ehh, oh well.(*Edit: HAH!! This said “Foot Network” for about 3 weeks and I didn’t notice until my husband pointed it out.)

Besides the fact that I think she’s a cutie, I love Ina’s kitchen. No wonder she won kitchen of the year!!

I wonder if I had Ina’s kitchen if I would be able to cook like her…

Usually during lunch I think that I should have gone to camera-man school. I bet he gets to eat the extras all the time.

*sigh* She makes it look so easy.

I thought I wanted to be Ina’s friend so I could sit and enjoy her delicious treats in her warm, cozy kitchen…. then I saw this picture of her bathtub….

There are no words!! Ina, I’m coming!!

I will gladly stay in your Easthampton guesthouse and you can make me pumpkin french toast with blueberries for breakfast! I’ll even do the dishes!