My DIY Living Room

Our living room was the room we’ve had to work on the least. So that makes it my kind-of favorite because there are no memories of slaving away.

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room

:p In this room we painted the ceiling, walls, trim, built-ins, and fireplace mantle. We removed a radiator, and added new cabinet doors to the built-ins. There was a bit of work we needed to do with the fireplace – replacing the doors and re-tipping the chimney. But my favorite change (which is still in progress) was widening the doorway to the living room by about 14″!

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room DesignLively: My DIY Living RoomMolding and trim in progress… 🙂 but the door way is wider! Ohhhh. Ahhhh.

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room

We’ve been rug hunting for a while now. Of course, now that I finally had time to take pictures of the living room and upload them we just brought a potential winner home.

DesignLively: My DIY Living Room  DesignLively: My DIY Living RoomDesignLively: My DIY Living Room

DIY Living Room Project Posts

Living Room Projects to Come

  • Living Room Crown Molding
  • Living Room Fireplace Tile – replace
  • Install new baseboard heat
  • Finish Door Trim around widened doorway
  • Whitewash brick around fireplace (?)
  • Find a rug!


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  1. Bunni says:

    Good move switching the cabinet doors on the built-ins. The black detail attracted so much attention! In the before photos, my eyes go directly to those doors because of the contrast. I love the “after!”

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