Quick & Easy Chalkboard Picture Frames

DIY Chalkboard Picture Frames - DesignLively

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a $5 can of chalkboard spray paint. And that’s pretty good too.

DIY Chalkboard Picture Frames - DesignLively

While my hubster was buying car parts, I walked myself over to Home Depot to pass the time.

I bought some chalkboard paint on a whim.

When we got home I found these chunky plastic blue frames from Target that I had in college.

I was going to give them away, but once I saw them lying in the discard pile I knew they would be great to draw on since they are so wide and smooth.

DIY Chalkboard Picture Frames - DesignLively

A few swipes later and the frames have been reborn!

I love finding new ways to display photos, and with a trick as simple as this, who says you can’t buy a little piece of happiness?


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