Window Shop Wednesday: A Retro Picnic

It’s Window Shop Wednesday again with The Katie Chronicles.

Instead of her normal routine, this week Katie has sent us on a special mission:

Think of your next big trip – a honeymoon, a business trip, a trip home for the holidays, an exotic vacation you’ve been lusting for since February. Think what you would love to get for that trip, and where you’d love to get it from…because everyone needs a little something new before they skip town… 🙂

– The Katie Chronicles

My next trip? Well, it just so happens we are taking a trip down to Long Island this weekend to see my in-laws! We have plans to go to a family reunion in Southampton and spend a day riding bikes on Shelter Island. Sign me up!

While I (sadly) won’t be buying any of these things for my trip, (things like countertops and sinks are higher up on our list right now) if I was to go on a magical shopping spree, I just might like to grab a few of these things for our trip:

I would love to purchase one of these wire bike baskets! I know it’s not the classic basketwoven kind, but this detaches, which would be mighty handy when going to the library, grocery store or beach. Plus, if your bike get’s left out in the rain, no harm done!
We would obviously be going on a bike-picnic, so I would like to bring a cute (unbreakable) melanine platter to put out our grapes and cheese.
Where did the food appear from? Obviously, I packed it nicely in these matching containers before we left the house.
I’d probably wear a cute sweater like this with comfy shorts. It’s light, but will keep me warm in the evenings. And it’s not too billowy for biking in. Plus it’s yellow. And we all know how much I love yellow.
To cut up our brie and apples and chocolate cake (apparently I brought loads of food on my bicycle with me. But this is imaginary, right?) I would use these adorable spreaders.
Lastly, I would drag along this record player because, what’s a summer picnic without flair?
Yup. I think some Glenn Miller would do the trick.
I feel like I’m on vacation already! Thanks Katie!

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