Vintage Art Prints: Window Shop Wednesday

It’s Window Shop Wednesday with The Katie Chronicles again!

As you may remember from this post, I love reproduction prints. Namely travel posters and old advertisements that marked the beginning stages of graphic design as we know it today.

Today I’m picking some of my favorite reproduction prints from CafePress.


I love everything about this Chicago poster!

From the mustard yellow background, to the fun striped shopping bag to the random lion (did he escape from the Lincoln Park Zoo?) in the background. Plus I love the styling of her face. It makes me smile.


I love that this looks like a woodcut print with the etching in the waves and sail.

This print would be great next to a big comfy reading chair! Forget the comfy chair, I think this guy has the right idea. Send me off to sea with a pile of books, a sailboat and open waters. Yes please! (Although I’m not sure how I’d get home…)


This skiing poster is beautiful too. I love the watercolor feel and layered look of all the skis. This would be a cheerful sight on a dreary winter day!


I love this Greetings from Jamaica print! It makes me feel like I’m on my honeymoon again drinking pina coladas on the beach!

Thanks Katie for sharing CafePress! I had never heard of them before today!

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