Graphic Design a la Etsy: Window Shop Wednesday with the Katie Chroncicles

It’s that time of the week again with The Katie Chronicles!

(And sadly, since I was a lame blogger this week, I only have one post between my last Window Shop Wednesday. Actually, I am just noticing that a post I had written, and thought I published, has disappeared. And it’s nowhere to be found. Oh well! One less Fourth of July post from Kat.)

This week is featuring items from Etsy. I truly enjoy Etsy. I like supporting individual artists and owning one-0f-a-kind things. Etsy is also perfect for gifts!

Today I thought I’d highlight some fellow graphic designers. I have toyed around with opening an Etsy print shop and making some fun prints for framing. Maybe someday. When I have more time. So, maybe never. : )

Check out this amazing Helvetica alphabet print from ModernPop. Who says that the alphabet is only for kids?

Helvetica? Check. Funky colors? Check. Cool opacity and layering? Check.

This adorable crafty print from Yellow Heart Art would look so cute above my desk. Or above my sewing machine. That poor machine is lonely and crying in the corner.

This dining poster from GraphicAnthology would be fun in any kitchen nook! I love that pop of mustard orange against the midnight navy blue.

Finally, I love this adorable cake poster from TenderBeasts. The color is so cheery and the sentiment is sweet. It reminds me of birthday celebrations and would make a cute birthday gift.

Thanks for the link up Katie!

And a hearty shout-out to all my fellow graphic designers. I love being inspired by the creativity of others on a daily basis. It’s soul food!

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